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Louis Bull Training Center


Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Programs

ISETP Employment & Training

Louis Bull ISETP Employment and Training have the mandate to accommodate all its nation's membership with Essential Skill Development and Personal Growth through Training Services. Louis Bull ISETP Employment and Training have been managing a series of programs available to the Louis Bull Tribe Membership. These programs are designed to address the needs of the community to achieve goal setting and action plans. Our goal is to ensure that the client's needs are met.  Guiding career paths, planning and assessments, setting both short term and long term goals is our main objective and to provide training that would assist the client in becoming employable and independent.​


Applications and Forms

Louis Bull Tribe Indigenous Skills & Employment and Training Program Applications

Indigenous Skills & Employment Training Programs

Pre-Employment Carpentry


Pre-Employment Carpentry


Section 1- Safety and Building Materials

Section 2- Tools

Section 3 - Site Preparation, Building Layout, Foundations and Floor, Frame Systems

Section 4 - Residential Estimating and Drawing Interpretation

Exposure Courses

Class 7 Drivers Training

Work Experience Placement

Personal Development Workshops

LBT Origin/Elders Cultural Workshop

Garda Security


Pre-Employment Carpentry


Module 6- Emergency Response Procedures

Module 2- The Canadian Legal System and the Security Industry

Module 3- Basic Security Procedures

Module 4- Communication for Security Professionals

Module 5-Documentation and Evidence

Module 6- Emergency Response Procedures

Module 7- Health and Safety for Security Professionals

Safety Certifications

Work Experience Placement

 LBT Origin/Elders Cultural Workshop 





Climbing, Lifting, and Hoisting

Hazardous Materials and Fire Protection

Communication, Measuring Tools, Specialty Hand Tools, Fastening Devices, Electronic Service Information, Suspension and Steering Linkage Systems, Wheels and Hubs and Tires - Part A & B, Brake System Fundamentals, Hydraulic Systems Components, Electrical Fundamentals 1, Electrical Circuits 1, Batteries, Electrical System Diagnosis 1, Basic Maintenance, Work Experience Placement

 LBT Origin/Elders Cultural Workshop 

Driving to Success

Hospitality Worker Training Program



Class 7 Program

Pass your learners test the first time

Learner's License Prep Kit

Fill in the Gap

Hospitality Worker Training Program

Hospitality Worker Training Program


4 Week Employability and Transitioning Skills Including Teamwork

1 Week Elder, Origin and Identity and TRC

1 Week Class 7 Driving to Success

1 Week Safety Tickets

1 Week Mini Half Day Workshops

Personal Development and Life Skills

Health and Wellness 

 LBT Origin/Elders Cultural Workshop 

Hospitality Worker Training Program

Hospitality Worker Training Program

Hospitality Worker Training Program


Hospitality Certificate Program:

1. Room operations

2. Customer Service Skills

3. Personal Development

4. Cooking Fundamentals

5. Work Experience

Class 7 Drivers Training (Driving to Success)

Personal Development Training Workshops

 LBT Origin/Elders Cultural Workshop 

Completed and Upcoming Programs

 Completed Programs 2017- 2018:

  1. Tiny Homes with Trade Winds - Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical
  2. Trades - Construction, Carpentry, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, Electrical
  3. Pre-Employment Cooking - Culinary and in partnership with Cevio
  4. Office Administration
  5. GARDA Security
  6. Solar

Completed Programs 2018-2019:

  1. Office Administration
  2. GARDA Security
  3. Pipe Trades - Millwright, Welding, Electrical, Steam and Pipefitting
  4. Bull Dog Class 1 Drivers
  5. Class 7 Learners
  6. Trades (Carpentry, Plumbing, Small Engine Repair)
  7. Solar
  8. Opabin Consultants with Schroder Oil Field Services
  9. Partnership with Louis Bull Administration, Housing, Economic Development, Social Development (GED, PESP)

Upcoming Programs 2019-2020 as according to LMDA and Louis Bull Tribe request(This Fiscal year this department will be engaging with the Louis Bull Economic Development preparing for the Louis Bull Casino)

  1. GARDA Security
  2. Office Administration
  3. Hospitality
  4. Culinary
  5. Cosmetology to include - Hairdresser, Massage Therapist & Spa, manicurist
  6. Get Ready Get Set Employability Enhancement
  7. Carpentry Year 1
  8. Class 1 Drivers
  9. Class 7 Learners

*All programs include Elders Origin/Identity/History/TRC (Truth and Reconciliation), Personal and Career Development. 

ISETP Training Center

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Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

We, the Louis Bull Indigenous Skills and Employment Training envision that through the appropriate training and meaningful employment, all band members will be equal and active participant in the labor market. We also believe this will enhance the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual well-being of all band members. Thereby creating healthier, self-sufficient individuals and Community.

Mission Statement

To implement and administer the Indigenous Skills Employment Training Program (ISETP) consistent with principles outlined in the ISETP Agreement.


  1. To ensure the efficient implementation and management of the Louis Bull Tribe Agreement.
  2. To access and provide quality training and resources, to enable Louis Bull membership to acquire marketable and employment skills.
  3. To ensure proper reporting and accountability measure are instituted to facilitate accountability to appropriate authorities (Louis Bull Chief and Council and the Government of Canada)
  4. To utilize, whenever possible First Nation or other institutions to develop delivered training programs.
  5. To provide assistance to those Louis Bull members needing help to enter to the labor force or employment.