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Partnership with Louis Bull Tribe Social Development & PESP & Finance

Beginning last Year in September 2018 the Louis Bull Finance department started a partnership with Louis Bull Social Development/PESP. 

We have run 3 previous HOPE Programs and 1 Upgrading program. Which all programs have had a great success rate. We are currently running the GED Program as well.

On November 15, 2019 we had 11 out of 12 graduate from the HOPE program. 

Congratulations to:

  • Aleasha Brown
  • Tobi Brown
  • Delaney Bull Sr
  • Michael Bull
  • Carmen Deschamps
  • Jennielle Moonias
  • Chantelle Saddleback
  • Lucy Roasting
  • Gabriel Roasting
  • Shelvin Yellowbird
  • Myron Svandlik

We would like to wish you all success in your future endeavors. 


Tribal Administrator

-Allison Adams-Bull

Executive Assistant

-Jeff Raine


-Wanita Raine

Maintenance Supervisor

-Lionel Twins


-Tyrone Moonias

Chief Financial Officer 

-Naomi Raine

Payroll Clerk 

-Pamlynn Shortneck

Accounts Payable Clerk

-Nancy Raine




To ensure that the governance model and guiding principles adopted for Louis Bull Tribe supports the vision of Council and that the organization operates in an effective and efficient manner.


  • Ensure all policies, procedures, regulations, and laws as adopted by  Council are followed and fully implemented, and as required are  regularly reviewed and updated; 
  • Ensure the fiscal and human  resources are well managed and that the fiscal plan and management  development plan for the Tribe are developed and implemented; 
  • Ensure all legal and administrative requirements of the Tribe are met  including all fiduciary requirements as set out in the various laws and  regulations at the Federal and Provincial level; 
  • Maintenance of the official membership lists and proper registration of status; 
  • Provision of Fire and Security services to protect the people and the properties of the Tribe; and 
  • Ensuring appropriate support is given to Council to see that members have an accountable and transparent government


1. Work with Chief and Council to develop and assist with implementation of the new governance model; 

             a. Drafting a new Council Manual to include the following: 

                 i. Council operations, 

                ii. Powers of authority, 

               iii. Accountability framework, 

               iv. Delegation of duties with regard to financial and administrative responsibilities, 

                v. Obligations for accountability, transparency, disclosure and redress 

               vi. Financial and management planning, and 

              vii. Performance measurement. 

2. Work with Chief and Council and the other departments to facilitate the development and implementation of the following: 

               a. The Economic Development Strategy and Plan, 

               b. The Tribe Wellness Strategy and Plan, and 

               c. The Capacity Building Strategy and Plan. 


  • Provide primary contact for all federal and provincial government  departments and agencies and work in-conjunction with specific  Department Directors as appropriate; 
  • Provide assistance in  developing and finalizing all proposals and reports from each department  as needed. Signing off of all proposals and reports being submitted on  behalf of the Tribe to any external government, agency and/or funding  body; 
  • Provide assistance in creating and monitoring all  budgets, ensuring correct financial management practices are in place  and that accurate financial reports are provided to all Departments as  required for all projects, programs and service monitoring and  reporting; 
  • Provide all membership services as required to  maintain the Tribal and General membership lists including issuing of  status cards and filing of required documentation with INAC to maintain  membership records; 
  • Oversight of all staff activities and ensure the Administration policy is followed and fully implemented; 
  • Ensuring all LBT policies, regulations, and laws are followed and fully implemented; 
  • Provide Fire and Security services to protect the people, buildings and  infrastructure on reserve and to ensure that there is a safe and  healthy environment for everyone to live and work in; 
  • Support  for the activities of Chief and Council including support for arranging  Council meetings, taking minutes and preparing packages, scheduling  presentations to Council and keep all official records; 
  • Ensuring the administrative and legal requirements of the Tribe are followed and fulfilled at all times.